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A Safer and Healthier Office and Work Environment Starts Here.

Built on sanitizing and disinfection best practices, long Island Sanitizing is dedicated to providing proven commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions to protect people and their environments. Where clean means everything.

Committed to Clean

Long Island Sanitizing encompasses professional commercial and healthcare, sanitizing and disinfection services. Our wide range of solutions reflect a tradition of research and experience in sanitizing and infection prevention for professional environments.
Modern medical office interior with computer and examination table
business worker wearing a protective mask in the city

Committed to Community

Long Island Sanitizing enables the creation of healthier public spaces where communities can thrive. Now together with local businesses and medical offices, we’ll work together to create spaces that promote well-being, public health, social connections and economic opportunity within communities.

Real Experts, Real Solutions

Our team is dedicated to protecting environments and people with exceptional products, services and training materials. Every solution we deliver is backed by clinical research to solve real-world challenges and empower professionals to meet their cleaning goals.
We understand that patient satisfaction is more critical than ever. Along with creating a clean, welcoming environment for each patient, our Patient-Centered sanitizing and disinfection services are designed to help you exceed expectations with retention rates, performance metrics and even cost management.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Nassau and Suffolk County Public & Private Facilities